The robots of CES 2019: to fold clothes, call the doctor in case of emergency and even “cure loneliness”

While we watched a demo on LG’s stand at CES 2019, a small white appliance was moving by our side. We had not seen him, until he made a small sound and turned around: a nice robot looked at us with his digital eyes and was ready for us to ask him something. Or at least pay attention.

The robots are a classic that are always present at the fair in Las Vegas, which started on Tuesday and lasts until tomorrow, Friday, always with TVs as the main stars.

The 2019 edition, which attracts about 180 thousand people, presented the innovations in robotics that were from one that doubles the clothes, the one from Samsung that gives medical information, the new version of the Aibo puppy from Sony of 3 thousand dollars and up to Lovot, one that hugs you and that you can caress. Yes just that. A kind of electronic soft toy to give and receive robotic love.

The great majority with a common denominator that was present in much of the fair, the “all connected”. That is, they interconnect with other household appliances and devices in the home to fulfill user assistance functions. Or simply to be there, giving some kind of information.

Some of these technologies seem very useful, others are too strange and really think about what kind of needs they might respond to. Undoubtedly a machine that doubles the clothes that come out of the washing machine is something we could come to want.

Starting with those that do not have a robot shape, Foldimate doubles about 25 pieces in 5 minutes. As they explained, it’s what it takes for a person to double that amount of clothing. It looks like a giant printer, only that instead of introducing paper, he puts clothes on. The price in the United States would be $ 980. A bit expensive to do just one task.

Another is responsible for cleaning the teeth in 10 seconds (although the general recommendation of dentists is usually 2 minutes). Y-Brush is from a French company and is responsible for doing this task without any effort.

The “Breadrobot” was also presented, a machine that can make 235 loaves per day. It does everything: mix the ingredients, knead and cook. Something known in Argentina, which has several models, but they do one at a time.

Samsung and LG presented their bots as well, and here they start to take the shape of a robot. With the peculiarity that both have an appearance similar to the character of Disney Wall-E.

The first one made known to Bot Care, which helps in providing medical information: it can take your vital signs, make music therapy for stress, detect domestic accidents and call the doctor or the police in case of emergency.

LG introduced Cloi, one of the nicest. Shorter and shorter than the Samsung, has another function: it is a assistant in the house most useful in the kitchen. Respond to voice commands to help you decide what to cook from the ingredients you have in the refrigerator. It is a similar service to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, but the idea is to be independent of these services.

Within the category of “company” (what could be renamed “tender”), Sony unveiled its updated version of Aibo, a robotic puppy of about $ 3,000.

But undoubtedly one of the most striking was Lovot, the most sympathetic of all. It is a little pet that reacts to our stimuli such as hugging, touching or scratching, and learn from our behaviors. If we are careful and pay enough attention, he will follow us throughout the house.

It is from the Japanese company Groove X. Its founder, Kaname Hayashi, once said that Lovot was created “to cure loneliness”.

It also costs about $ 3,000, like Sony’s.