The CEO of Nvidia, very hard with his competitor AMD: “Radeon VII is terrible, disappointing and has nothing new”

At the Morel restaurant at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, where CES 2019 takes place, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang gave a reserved press conference to Clarín. There he was asked about Radeon VII, AMD processors-eternal rival-that are released today, and it was very hard: “The performance is terrible, disappointing and has nothing new or equals our 1080, which are available worldwide a while ago”.

“It’s a 7 nm chip with VH, and if you turn on DLSS or Ray Tracing it all falls down. It’s a strange release, really. Maybe they thought about it today in the morning, just! “He said, and the laughter broke out. While speaking, AMD presented its new processor in the hands of its CEO Lisa Su.

Nvidia makes video cards that, mainly, are consumed by PC gamers or laptops. But its microprocessors (GPU, graphics processors) are used in different areas of the industry, from the development of space technology to the cryptocurrency mining.

The question was asked by a Tech Radar journalist, after Jensen reviewed last Sunday’s presentation, where Nvidia introduced their new Geforce RTX 2060 video cards. They would become an intermediate range before 2080 and 2080Ti, which in Argentina They are expensive.

Clarín asked him, on the other hand, about the high prices of video cards. Huang had no answer: “Honestly it is not something that we think, I understand that it has to do with macroeconomic issues but we do not think about those things”, he answered categorically.

The 2060 will go to the market around $ 350 and are cheaper if you consider that 2080Ti can cost $ 1,000.

“I understand that’s why you buy everything in installments, or travel to other countries to bring technology and that import rates are very high. But to be honest, we do not take it into account, “he added.

He was also consulted by Intel, who will disembark in the market of discrete video cards. “I do not know who the graphics team is at Intel, but we work a lot more collaborating than competing,” he explained.