Air India Happy Women’s Day To Fly 12 International And 40 Domestic Cabins With All Women Crew

National carrier Air India will be climbing 12 international flights along with 40 and domestic flights with the women team on International Women’s Day, the airline said on Thursday. Air India is set to fly 12 all girls crew flights on its medium and long haul international routes and over 40 return domestic and short-haul return flights all over India to celebrate the International Women’s Day on March 8 this year, it said in an announcement.

Air India will be extending its B787 Dreamliners and B777 airplane to run those mentioned above 12 international flights. The international sectors which may have the all-women team on its trips on March 8 are Delhi Sydney, Mumbai London, Delhi Rome, Delhi London, Mumbai Delhi Shanghai, Delhi Paris, Mumbai Newark, Mumbai NY, Delhi NY, Delhi Washington, Delhi Chicago, and Delhi San Francisco.

Women pilots and cabin team will be operating Airbus family airplane as well as visliners at over 40 domestic destinations and back to memorialize the occasion, the airline has added. Air India’s chairman and controlling your stresses director Ashwini Lohani said I want to congratulate our women team for running so many flights on several international and domestic paths evidenced by their indomitable Nari shakti.