Core Team

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Editor in Chief
Yuanfeng Yu
[email protected]
I’m a web developer and software engineer by trade with 10 years’ work experience. I am now a journalist and I work primarily on data-driven stories.  I am prompt, can always be reached, ask probing questions that will help you, and turn around projects quickly.

 Haicheng Zhang- Companies
Email: z[email protected]
Dedicated as an English teacher on different institutes or on my own for more than four years. As Journalist, Announcer own my own radio show where I interview different people about health and good living. Ready to start and show all the abilities and skills learned so far.

Jianxin Wu – Companies
Email: [email protected]
I have recently retired as the editor of Biz Magazine, and want to keep working as an editor and writer. I have been writing for over 30 years in both the professional world as an attorney and as an editor and columnist. My experience is varied as I have been a police officer, the assistant to the legal adviser to the chief of police of San Diego, a graduate of UCLA law school, the author of over 12 winning appellate briefs in California, the founder of Tierra Times, a community newspaper in San Diego, the founder of, at the time the largest law website in the world, and the founder of Biz Magazine an online magazine chiefly devoted to business.

Jun Li- Gadgets
Email: [email protected]
I have crafted thousands of stories, captions, headlines and blog posts as a print and online journalist. Having worked for major daily newspapers, I am dependable, readable and definitely averse to missing deadlines.

Wenjie Gu- Games
Email: gu[email protected]
I am a law graduate with a top UK private education, culturally adept, articulate and an excellent communicator both written and verbal with a love of and great command of the English language.   I can capture your ideas via the written word and express your images and imagination within a text format. I am a native English speaker and believe me, that does make a difference, it’s all about the expression.